Let’s say you have a goal.  A market strategy is simply how you will get there.  It’s not the goal or the activities you will use.  Strategy is a directional how you will obtain your goal.  A market strategy includes planning, but is not just planning.  A knockout strategy will be unique to your company.  If you try to use the same strategy a competitor or admired company is using, it is not only mentally lazy, it is a barrier to market-leading growth.  Moreover, when you copy a competitor’s strategy, you will have to deal with pricing pressures.

In our dynamic business landscape, hanging on to one strategy over an extended period of time is risky.  Strategy is also a story about investments.  Where your company will spend its time, money and political capital.  Working through all of this requires clear goals, critical thinking, and agility.  It is not uncommon to look back at our strategy investments stories and see things we missed or miscalculated. 

Market strategies that transform (free your company to grow) are at risk when the company lacks a growth culture.  What Growth Visions can do is help you evaluate your goals, likelihood of success and create a plan to execute your strategies.