Most Valued Proposition, Positioning and Differentiation Strategy

Companies often speak in terms of their (UVPs) Unique Value Propositions as if it’s easy to create UVPs and stay aligned.  UVPs were quite popular in the 20th century, but it seems to get more difficult every day to possess a true UVP and few prospects believe you.  The reality is you must communicate your Most Valued Propositions (including UVPs if you have any), but UVPs are not necessary to stand out. Understanding your customers, matching your messages to your understanding, and offering a unique perspective is much more critical.

The positioning and differentiation strategy you want in the marketplace is a combination of the MVPs (Most Valued Propositions) you have and the quality of your subject matter experts.  You must learn over time how to communicate those values to the right personas at the right time to truly engage them.


These are projects someone like Growth Visions can perform with you, helping you find these positioning answers.  You must start with the customers and prospects.  What are their pains and aspirations? What are they missing?  What is it they must achieve from a rational and emotional standpoint?  The answers to these questions point to your opportunity and must be matched with what you have to offer now and in the near future. Otherwise, you will be having customer meetings with little to show for it - since you never engaged your audience.


Who hasn’t heard the story of the marketer who wasn’t connecting with new prospects?  Maybe worse, a salesperson who got commoditized?  Marketing leads are difficult to create and the salesperson fails to establish a foothold without something they know the prospect requires. It all goes back to the Most Valued Propositions for the personas we have defined.  We need MVPs and we have the responsibility to not waver from repeating our positioning statements as often as possible when appropriate.  The provider may get tired of repeating saying them, but your prospective buying teams need to hear them over and over to anchor your differentiation.  

When your company has done a thoughtful job with you Most Valued Propositions, it makes growth easier for everyone.  You are no longer living with a lack of message discipline that confuses your audiences.

There have been so many books, white papers and blogs written about market positioning.  Yet, if you attend marketing meetings, you will continue to see non market-leading companies struggle with how they fit in the world.  This is because companies lack the discipline of the message.  They get antsy about changing things up to get more growth, when the answer is often Most Valued Proposition discipline.  Anything else is a path to no man's land.

You can beat larger competitors

The truth is being second or third in a market is not a life sentence or unprofitable.  Finding your value and placing the right kind of customer habits around that value can propel you into new opportunities.  Our job is to help you find your value, then if needed, build the marketing and sales experience needed to inform the world.  We have competed with companies much larger than our's and won.  You can too.

Some questions for you:

Do you know what your true market strengths are?

Can you prove these strengths?

Have you distilled your messages so you are clear to your Personas?

Do you know the multiple Personas you want to reach?

Are you aligned on how you communicate them with customers, employees, and all stakeholders?

Contact Growth Visions to learn more about defining your Most Valued Propositions for your Personas and our Market Differentiation services.