How to Drive Change with Growth Engine Management


Three questions that I have gotten since our announcement last week regarding the pending Growth Engine Management (GEM) tool release include; What is a business engine? How is it different than our business plan or business model? Moreover, how does it affect my team on the operations, sales or maintenance side of things?”  In my post today, I hope to address these questions in a concise and easy to understand manner.

No Engine, No Movement = No Growth 

Using an automobile, as an illustration, a company’s business model could be defined as the body of the car, while the business plan is the navigational GPS portion of the vehicle which includes the routes of how to reach your destination. GEM is the motor that drives the body of the vehicle that contains the navigational GPS. The Growth Engine powers the car and adjusts the speed, the torque and is connected directly or indirectly to all mechanical and electrical elements of the vehicle.  From a growth strategy perspective, the Growth Engine Management tool connects directly to both the business model and the business plan of a company. However, unlike the business model or business plan which are static and meant to be inflexible, the GEM tool is one that allows for adjustments and changes to the strategy and execution but does so in a way that does not negatively impact the goals outlined in a fiscal business plan for example.

GEM does not Drive Itself, People Do

Most importantly, the Growth Engine Management Tool connects the most important part of your company – your employees directly to the business plan. How many times have you started your fiscal year with a concise, well thought out and defined business plan only to realize three months into the fiscal year that no one in the company understands what the goals and objectives are and why the stated objectives are important? The GEM measurements and process methodology eliminates the overwhelming perception by the front-line employees that the plan is something “the C-Suite put together, but it has nothing to do with me.” The GEM tool connects everyone from the janitorial staff to the sales and operations organization to the Mid-level and Sr. Management teams. It becomes an active, empowering tool that will improve employee retention and your customer’s buying experience while contributing significantly to the achievement of your company’s growth goals.

Business Model + Business Plan + Growth Engine Management = Attainment & Growth

Growth Engine Management

Growth Engine Management

The color of an automobile certainly can improve the esthetics of the vehicle in the eye of the owner and often contributes to why the owner purchased it.  However, you will never hear the owner say, “I bought the car in this particular color because the color makes the car faster!” Conversely, a CEO or business owner who believes they will reach their top line, bottom line, growth and profit goals SOLELY because they have a business plan are increasing their chance of missing their forecast and objectives. Even though the business plan is well thought out, analyzed and monitored by the C-level team, it is without key elements within the Growth Engine Management tool.  These elements impact not only the attainment of sales, profit and growth goals but also the speed of the attainment.

The most esthetically designed automobile with the highest quality of technology and interior design will go no farther than the driveway without a well-tuned engine. Likewise, even the best business models and business plans can lack power, lose momentum or worse yet, stall completely without the compliment of the Growth Engine Management tool to heighten the corporate focus and master the precision needed to attain the Growth Goals of your organization.

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Lee Novak is the Chief Revenue Officer & a Managing Director at Growth Visions, a firm that specializes in growing profits and revenue by focusing on people and process improvement.  He is an award winning Sales Management Executive with experience managing sales performance at two publicly traded technology companies in the automotive retail and manufacturing sectors. Lee is also a keynote speaker who speaks on Growth Topics such as Growth Engine Management (GEM), Leadership Development, How to Develop your Story for Sales Success, as well as culture, faith-based and life improvement topics. To schedule a meeting or speaking engagement, please contact him at or 832 567 8512. Feel to follow him on Twitter at CoachNovak