5 Ways the Growth Engine Management Mindset is an Agile Approach to Leadership

Organizations Must Cope with Continuous Change

Digital changes are fostering new worlds; both the Agile approach and the Growth Engine Management mindset enable a company to thrive on what's behind the corner. In an ever-changing landscape, one has to diagnose and move quickly to improve one's position. Before, we made changes based on politics, budgets, or a function; we now make collaborative decisions based on cross-functional growth enablers. If you are too comfortable, you are probably behind. Being Agile and using Growth Engine Management keeps your organization thinking like entrepreneurs who thrive in the open field of business. Growth Engine Management gives everyone in your organization a dynamic context to everything while an Agile approach asks you how to lead.

One Big Lab and Continuous Improvement is the Goal

Growth Engine Management is not a business plan with dates and budgets or even a static business model. It is a dynamic mindset in the organization that says, "this is how we will grow." Do adjustments get made? Only if we are paying attention! It's more important to be an adventurer than a first-try genius. Just like the Agile approach, we organize around delivering value in the areas that enable growth, not in functions. The prerequisite to growth is increased capabilities in those enabling areas that contribute to growth. For instance, we can only deliver growth if we continuously improve our core offerings, our customer experiences, and overall profit can we deliver growth. Continuous improvements need a mature business outlook on experimenting in order to find those gold nuggets you cannot uncover copying a competitor or a documented best practice.

Working Together in the Right Way is a Game Changer

Do you ever feel like your organization is working harder than smarter? That aching feeling that you are falling behind even though the time flies by? It is because your company has not optimized its teams. With an Agile approach, more is done faster showing true traction, as opposed to a "wait-for-it" mentality. The waterfall approach that often ends with a dud and doesn't allow for the team to quickly adjust. Growth Engine Management asks the important question of, "What is your team doing to enable growth optimization at every decision point?" It also asks the team question of, "Are you working in cross-functional teams to address a growth enabler?"


Growth Engine Management is Agile

Growth Engine Management is Agile


You can Attain Speed and Accuracy

Patience is a wonderful thing, but in our digital world, more companies need to adopt the mantra, "There is no tomorrow." Companies can be painfully slow to work through their decision-making not because of the reasons we give them such as poor management, but because their approach and mindset are no longer effective in 2016. Fans marvel at the brawler with the amazing roundhouse that knocks you out, but the boxer with the fastest hands seems to win more fights. We have to be quicker. An Agile approach and a Growth Engine Management understanding get us to more accurate answers faster. Add speed to an outside-in understanding of our customers, partners, influencers, and competitors; shift your position to your advantage.

Feedback Loops - Free You to Grow confidently

Instead of some large monolith, Agile teams work in small groups that deliver new and more immediate value.  In Growth Engine Management, that value gets reflected in one of the five enabling areas working toward growth.  As mentioned, those enablers are not functional areas like "sales" and "marketing", they represent cross-functional networking and feedback from across the organization in order to optimize that enabler.  On top of this, in Growth Engine Management, since everyone sees how growth is achieved, anyone can contribute growth ideas.  No longer is the growth strategy locked into discussions at the top of the organization. Our dynamic growth strategy has been communicated so we can crowdsource a new supply of ideas and each person can feel accountable for the growth of the business.


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