Good Boss, Bad Boss - Becoming the One you Want to Be (Part 6 of Leadership Series)

Good leaders put people first for growth

Good leaders put people first for growth

We are now more than halfway to completion of the Leadership series which focuses on the most difficult tasks companies and management face today.  The good companies and bosses want to answer correctly the question"How do we become a company or an individual leader that creates a profitable entity within and externally in the marketwithout becoming a dog eat dog, win at all cost monster?" The reputable companies and leaders don't begin their respective journey with the goal of being bad but  somewhere on the journey during periods of hectic growth, perilous deadlines, economic swings, pressure from competition and/or stockholder expectations - they simply lost their way. However, it is not too late to alter the course, re-engineer the culture or establish a servant leader mentality. By examining what good companies and leaders practice and do the struggling organizations and bad bosses can turn their current setbacks into a comeback. 

Let's take a look at the 5 leadership qualities which have been addressed during the past few weeks in the Good Boss-Bad Boss series: 

1) Good Bosses, Leaders & Companies always put people before process

2) Good Bosses, Leaders & Companies make it a priority to coach, mentor & develop people

3) Good Bosses, Leaders & Companies know the key to hiring the right people is having the right interview process

4)  Good Bosses, Leaders & Companies celebrate the achievement of goals attained by the team member, the overall team, the company and their customers

5) Good Bosses, Leaders, and Companies use 360 evaluation tools to ensure that their management team members receive anonymous feedback from those senior to them, their peers and their direct reports. 

Good Companies and Leaders believe that people first & high ethical culture promotes exponential growth. These companies believe that the higher one goes (empowerment), the farther out (ideas, solutions) one can see.

Leadership Principle # 6

6) Good Bosses, Leaders & Companies believe in doing the right things, in the right way, at the right time and for the right reasons

Four "Right Things" Good Companies Practice

1) They tell the truth. When they mess up, they take the responsibility. Management doesn't blame the employees, employees don't blame their teammates, the company doesn't blame the customer

2) Their business pyramid always has the client and employees at the top

3) They provide good to great products and services

4) The money, the returns, the growth, the reputation all flow from the above

Three "Right Ways" practiced by Good Companies and Leaders

1) They look at their products/services from the customer point of view; how the customer benefits from them, what the customer experiences while using them and how the customer feels about the company who provides the products/services.

2) They create cultures and business relations by encouraging, facilitating and enhancing people, process, performance and profits for their customers and their employees

3) The avoid positional management internally and believe in providing high value for ALL customers both large and small

2 things Good Companies and Leaders do at “The Right Time”

1) They avoid releasing or selling their products or service if the product/service is not able to produce or perform as advertised.

2) They sell and produce based on the Business Model of the customer which they have mutually designed with the customer and for the customer

The Right Reason

1) They won't sell a customer a product or service just to simply sell them something. They often express the following promise: Mr. Customer we promise never to sell you something unless it increases your profitability or increases efficiencies, maximizes effectiveness or heightens your brand in the marketplace.

Bad Bosses become Good Bosses, Good Bosses become Leaders and Bad Companies become Good Companies when they adapt, adjust, change and ultimately practice these 6 Leadership Principles (& those to be revealed during the next few weeks).

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