How a 40-year old commercial challenges you to be a superior leader

Address issues now to avoid a more complicated future and grow

Address issues now to avoid a more complicated future and grow

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Professionals who are called in to fix problems including mechanics, plumbers, doctors, and business consultants often see the same problem inflators; neglect or procrastination.  Feeling overwhelmed or just rife with bad habits, we are reluctant to fix what is breaking or already broken.  This allows the problem to fester into something more serious.  We kick the can the down the road only to find out later it has morphed into a 20-foot robot that wants to rule us.

Key Message:  Pay Me Now or Pay Me Later

In this Fram oil filter commercial, the mechanic is happy to take the car owner’s money even when he knows all of this could have been avoided.  That's the way a problem is, it is happy to wait for you since it collects serious interest along the way. Why do we dodge problems when they can sometimes create opportunity? Why do we allow more expensive and complicated problems to take root? This happens in business and our personal lives when we refuse to prioritize and address something head on.  To flourish means to be the happy warrior.

You're Going to Pay

When leaders think about a problem, they will want to consider what it looks like today and how it will look in three years if little is done.  Your mom would have advised you, "nip the problem in the bud".  Because like the Fram mechanic is pointing out;  pay you will.  It’s just a question of when and how much.

Bonus Thought

If you're having a market-facing business challenge or an operational-profit issue, maybe your competitor is too.  Be proactive and beat him to the solution!