How to Build Your Team Like an NFL Franchise

Some years ago the ABC TV network had a hit series called the Six Million Dollar Man about an astronaut named Steve Austin, who sustained severe injuries in an accident. Barely alive and his once healthy body damaged, the government scientists in a top secret program began to rebuild his body to be better, stronger & faster. Upon completion of the top secret project, Steve Austin was transformed into a bionic secret agent who fought the evils of the world as a superhero. Occasionally he would get his cyber-self damaged only to be put back together again by the same scientist who created his bionic body.

Sport, Sales & Science

Can you imagine what an NFL team would give to have the same ability to design scientifically and build an NFL Quarterback they could build an entire franchise around thus, paving the way for a coveted spot in the Super Bowl?  Conversely, as you read this right now, there are Sales VP's and Directors across the globe, looking for that perfect salesperson who will help them to achieve the team and corporate sales and revenue goals, client retention and satisfaction goals. The sales leadership team also wants this perfect record breaking specimen to be able to move through the internal corporate maze of support, engineering & billing as well as the executive leadership team with the kindness of a lamb and the fierceness of a lion jumping on a zebra. By the way, I saw a lion jumping on a zebra on a wildlife TV show once. It was NOT a good day for the Zebra.

The right stuff

Can you imagine what an NFL team would give to have the same ability to design scientifically and build an NFL Quarterback? If this technology was available every NFL today would be clamoring to use it to create the "perfect" QB to include all the right "stuff" - physically, intellectually and mentally. Likewise, every organization would be signing up to have their perfect salesperson model built. So let's take a peek at what the qualities of that perfect QB or the perfect rep might be (please note: the illustration is a male, but the attributes of a female sales rep are the same except - women are usually better listeners and are more empathetic than us male Neanderthals- sorry fellas):

Build your sales team like an NFL Quarterback

Build your sales team like an NFL Quarterback

Unlike the TV show The Six Million Dollar Man, building that perfect NFL QB or the perfect bionic salesperson - guaranteed to break all of the company’s sales and revenue records is not a reality, yet. However, by duplicating the best practices of a successful NFL franchise when evaluating, your next sales team hire will have a positive impact on sales and revenue performance, employee, and customer retention & enhanced profitability. Building a high-performance team starts by improving your hiring practices and then hiring the perfect candidates - one star player at a time. Having the right players, doing the right thing, at the right time, in the right way and for the right reasons will result in more victories and championships for both an NFL franchise and your sales team.