7 Popular Articles on Loving Employees

You've probably seen Richard Branson's articles on loving employees. Maybe, like me, you enjoyed his book Losing My Virginity.  Maybe you and I share the same fantasy of walking behind Branson one day and a $10,000 bill falls out of his pocket unnoticed.  Well of course I would return it! What was this article about again?

Loving Employees is Smart Business for Growth

Loving Employees is Smart Business for Growth


Oh yes, loving employees.  Let's be candid.  It's just more fun and productive to love your employees.  We all have quirky behavior such as taking forever to make a point, being easily distracted, or letting your cat sit on your shoulders as you go over the financials. We're human beings.  Think Galapagos Islands, minds evolve into different directions.  What we have in common is what holds us together; we all want to be loved and appreciated. 

And when you love a good employee, they go to the wall for you. They're more loyal, they talk about their companies in a positive light, and they are willing to love you despite your "cat" issue.  Please enjoy these highly shared articles on loving employees.  I hope one of them is worth sharing with your management team:

Employees Love Working at These Companies

Using anonymous feedback provided by those who completed reviews of their employers, jobs site Glassdoor compiled a list of the top 50 best places to work.  Source:  Money/CNN, Twitter:  @CNNMoney

The Top 5 Reasons Employees Love Their Boss – and How to Be More Loved

According to a study from Gallup, fully half of all employees in the U.S. have left a job because of problems with their manager.  That means that being a great boss — a likeable, even loveable boss — isn’t just about being popular or being “nice.” Rather, it’s a retention issue.  Source:  Bernard Marr on LinkedIn, Twitter:  @BernardMarr

Love Your Ex-Employees and They Will Love You Back

Respecting ex-employees enough so that they can generate referrals, make references, provide resources and even — on occasion — return is also difficult and challenging. But they’re worth it.  Source:  Harvard Business Review, Twitter:  @HarvardBiz

Why You Should Want Your Employees to Love Each Other

When employees can feel really comfortable and supported in the workplace, magic can happen -- innovation peaks, creativity stirs and collaboration naturally happen. Source:  Entrepreneur.com, Twitter:  @entrepreneur

3 Tips to Creating a Workplace Culture That Employees Love

In 1994, I fired my entire company – all 11 employees. Having made some major hiring missteps, I had an epiphany and realized that culture is everything. From that moment on, I decided that our people and our culture would come first.  Source:  Forbes, Twitter:  @Forbes

10 Ways to Let Your Team Know You Love Them

It is said that the most successful and enduring teams truly care for one another. Here are 10 tips for establishing a work environment where each member can feel the "love".  Source:  Inc., Twitter:  @inc

Here Are the 12 Most Pet-Friendly Companies

“some employers—the truly wise ones—understand how much their employees’ pets mean to them, and have found ways to celebrate and support those relationships. While most of these companies let owners bring their dogs to work or offer pet insurance, some have designed some creative perks and policies for pets.”  Source:  Fortune, Twitter:  @Fortunemagazine

Remember, you can love your employees, but for the love of everything holy, don't love your employees.  You know what I'm saying.